Super Azon V1.0.0 – Initial Release !

Super Azon V1.0.0 – Initial Release !

Super Azon allows you to import Amazon Products right into your Prestashop Store! You can earn up to 10% advertising fees from the 1’st trusted e-commerce leader with minimal effort!

Start Making Money with Super Azon!

Super Azon V1.0.0 - Initial Release ! - img 1 - Super Azon V1.0.0 – Initial Release !

Let’s take a look at Super Azon, a Prestashop Amazon Affiliates Module.


This module has a lot of features that will help you monetize your website and also earn money from Amazon Affiliation. Let’s me show you what this module can do.


For starters, let’s talk about Importing Products. How does it work?  Super Azon allows you to search for products that are on Amazon, and import them in 2 different ways: by filtering amazon products by keywords or CSV import (if you already have a list).


Importing products with variations would be difficult. Luckily, there’s a feature for that as well. And everything’s done automatically. You simply import the products into your shop and the variations are imported as well.


Importing images – Super Azon uses Amazon Remote Images

This means that the products images load straight from Amazon’s CDN which means faster loading time for your customers!


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