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Import Products

How does it work? Super Azon allows you to search for products that are on Amazon, and import them in 2 different ways: by filtering amazon products by keywords or CSV import (if you already have a list).

Checkout Options

There are two ways you can handle the checkout.

Direct Checkout

You can send the visitors directly to Amazon, on the products details page.

Add to cart

Enable the On-Site Cart that allows your customers to checkout with multiple products on Amazon. This Option comes with the 90 days Cookie feature!
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Product Variations

Importing products with variations would be difficult. Luckily, there’s a feature for that as well. And everything’s done automatically. You simply import the products into your shop and the variations are imported as well.

Importing images

Super Azon uses Amazon Remote Images
This means that the products images load straight from Amazon’s CDN which means faster loading time for your customers!

Amazon CDN

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The synchronization feature helps you have your products synced automatically without any effort from your side. If products prices change on Amazon, they will be updated automatically on your site as well. You can synchronize the Price, Title, Description and Reviews.

More Sales?

You can also make sure that a product gets more sales by enabling coupons or reviews from Amazon.
Even if the visitor doesn’t buy right away, your commissions are safe. The tracking cookie follows the user for 90 days, ensuring that you’ll get your commissions if he or she buys in this time frame.



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Free Shipping

Has it ever happened to you to add a product in the cart and see on the checkout page that it has certain shipping costs? Super Azon saves your users from this annoying situation. If you wish, it can display the shipping availability straight on the product page.

Unique Features

Ok, so at this point you have all these features that make you think you are ready for a steady affiliate income. What could you do to increase it? Well, Cross Selling, of course. Enable the Cross Selling option and you’re set to go. Let’s not forget about Product Accessories & Complementary items!

Cross Selling

Complementary Products


Prime Ready

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